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Three Peak trekkers support children’s charity

26th March 2018


A team of nine surveyors from GCW raised a huge £17,500 for Elifar taking on the Three Peaks Challenge. The funds have been put to good use by Elifar, making a real difference to the lives of four young people and their families.

The funds purchased a portable oxygen concentrator for three year old Tayyabah who has a heart condition and has been depended on artificial oxygen since birth. They also purchased a Delichon Delta Buggy for 15 year old Joe who has Dravet Syndrome, a life limiting epilepsy condition.

GCW’s fundraising also enabled Elifar to contributed £3,000 towards the cost of a new £10,500 electric wheelchair for 7 year old Alfie who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy will never be able to stand or walk independently; and to award a grant of £7,800 to fund a power chair for 16 year old Cory who has muscular dystrophy.

Read more about the families here.  

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