Familiare in a nappy valley near you

May 2013

GCW Client Familiare are to open new members’ clubs in London’s “nappy valleys” to cater for parents and their young children.

Managing Director, Veronika Lebedeva, has raised money from private investors to launch Familiare.

The clubs,  for parents with children up to the age of four, will include “relaxation, education, support, entertainment and treat”.

They will offer spa treatments, a café and restaurant area serving wine, a crèche and “chill out” areas where families can spend time together and with friends.

Ms Lebedeva says she plans to provide the kind of “environment that you were used to before you had children but also a place you can be with your whole family”.

She has raised more than £1 million to launch the business and hopes to open in a handful of locations in London in the next two years.

She has hired  GCW to look for sites in Islington, Putney, Clapham, Chiswick and Wimbledon and is in discussions with landlords in two locations with the first planned to open by Christmas.

Ms Lebedeva said she got the idea for the business after having her daughter Armelle and finding there was nowhere for her to go. She said: “There are 1.4 babies born every minute in the UK yet currently available facilities in urban areas are almost non-existent.

“My dream is to make early parenthood a more enjoyable experience, by providing support that currently doesn’t exist.”

Familiare is targeting 5,000 - 8,000 sq ft high street locations in London's nappy valleys .