Children's Book Project

Knowledge aside, time is our most valuable resource and we were lucky enough in early December to use it helping the fantastic charity that is the https://childrensbookproject.co.uk/

Who are they….

The Children’s Book Project is a charity set up to redistribute thousands of new and gently used books to children and their families.

The issue….

One in four disadvantaged children across the UK has fewer than ten books of their own at home and one in eight has none. The Children’s Book Project seeks to tackle book poverty and to give every child the opportunity to own their own book.

The outcome….. 

Book ownership has been directly linked with improved mental health amongst children and a greater propensity to read for pleasure. By age eleven, there is a 12-month language development gap between children from book rich homes and those with fewer than ten books. The aim is to tackle the attainment gap arising from low book ownership. The charity works closely with women’s groups, children’s centres and schools to gift gently used books to children across London and Oxfordshire.

Whilst our efforts on the day formed a tiny part of the great work these guys do, we felt immensely proud to have helped contribute to eradicating book poverty amongst children in and around London. We are also exploring how we can work further with this charity to extend their reach in the communities we operate in.