April 2020

GCW Lockdown Challenge.

106 Hours of Continuous Exercise! Monday 27th April (8am) to Friday 1st May (6pm)

GCW Lockdown Challenge - A Week of Continuous Exercise

Property company GCW undertook the ‘GCW Lockdown Challenge - A Week of Continuous Exercise’ between Monday 27 April (8am) and Friday 1st May (6pm). For every hour in that week, there was always a member of staff from GCW doing one hour of exercise (including through the night). Each team member chose their preferred activity whether it was running, cycling, walking or anything as long as it was exercise and it complied with UK lockdown rules.  They either recorded the activity on Strava or shared a photo of the display (if the exercise was done on an exercise bike / rowing machine).

There are 29 members of staff at GCW and everyone took part so it meant each team member had three or four slots to cover the week. The team travelled a total of 868 miles. Awards were given for furthest distance run, walked or cycled.

The challenge has so far raised £11,800 for Elifar which is a small charity which helps improve the care, facilities and equipment available to profoundly disabled children and young adults. The charity funds equipment which would otherwise be unavailable because of a lack of funds or because there is no statutory provision. The money raised will go some way to plugging the funding gap caused by the Elifar Challenge being postponed because of the COVID19 pandemic.