PURESEOUL searching for sites

Korean beauty brand, PURESEOUL has taken its successful online business into bricks & mortar with the opening of its first physical store in London’s Soho, on Charing Cross Road.


PURESEOUL are seeking stores ranging from 800 sq ft – 2,000 sq ft. Currently the brand have three sites under offer with two set to open pre-Christmas. 


Will Mabbett, director, GCW, is working on their expansion. He said: “There’s a huge market for Korean skincare in this country, but previously there was no credible outlet to buy it from.” The company’s expansion comes with the rise of K-Style, that embodies everything Korean, including K-pop, and K-Music. “It’s a huge movement currently,”  said Mabbett.


Founded in London in 2019, PURESEOUL’s own marketing proudly proclaims it is, “the UK’s No.1 destination for all things Korean beauty! We pride ourselves on working directly with some of Korea’s top beauty brands to offer an unbeatable and exclusive selection of skincare & makeup must-haves.”


With the Korean passion for technology, Mabbett said “PURESEOUL’s large social media presence will get  bigger and better as they expand nationally.”


Over the next 18 months, the brand is looking to grow nationwide, including the likes of Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Glasgow, before moving to international markets.