Supporting strategic decision making

In a highly competitive marketplace where available space frequently exceeds occupier requirements, GCW is employing a more forensic data driven approach to securing tenants, informing occupier decisions and identifying key markets that investors should be exploring.

Core markets, ‘Top Towns’ to us, have been identified not by size but by their resilience and relevance. Consideration has been given to the demographic, gravity, diversity of offer i.e., education, living, leisure, workspace, environment and the propensity to improve these. We’ve also sought to understand threats to the future success of a place both internally and externally. The aspiration is to hold perfect information for each location.

A first principles data led approach has been adopted for each of these markets. The likelihood of existing occupiers right sizing, consolidating or relocating within a town, is often greater than securing a new entrant. To exploit this, we create a comprehensive register of ownership, occupier lease details (expiries, breaks and occupational costs), together with floor areas. GCW adds further context by understanding occupier requirements for the place. We are regularly engaging with occupiers before their landlords begins discussing lease events, therefore creating off-market opportunities.

Collating this information into a more digestible visual format has been well received by clients, both occupier and owner, as part of a holistic overview of place.

In our chosen markets we’ve been able to use this approach to reduce void periods for owners. Where there is a future threat to property or place, this informs decisions on asset disposals. For occupiers we’ve delivered new stores in perceived ‘tight’ towns.

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