For Occupiers.

We review and manage assets to create robust property portfolios for occupiers, based on satisfying their customers’ requirements. We immerse ourselves in our clients' businesses and use data-driven market insights.

Our 'boots on the ground' approach ensures sites are selected, retained and reviewed based on a holistic perspective.

We’re a partner for leaders.

Adopting an out-of-house property director focus, we overlay our UK-wide market knowledge with your business needs. We report directly at board level with both a strategic long- and short-term perspective as well as resolving and reporting on immediate issues.

Advice can’t be in silos.

We no longer create a distinction between lease advisory and acquisition/disposal roles. We blend our teams to ensure we’re leveraging our clients' position by forming a holistic strategy based on technical and market knowledge. Reducing occupational costs, building flexibility and ensuring every property is in the best possible location, not just now, but in the longer term.

Re-positioning is vital to remaining relevant.

Both private equity and business recovery professionals value our location and occupier knowledge when reviewing existing occupiers. We are highly skilled at providing board-level repositioning advice, business plan creation and disposal strategies to create healthy consumer-focused businesses.

What our clients say.

"Over the years GCW have helped KFC and their franchise partners build their varied and flexible restaurant portfolio.  This has covered acquisitions across out of town, edge of town, roadside and town centre locations, from the smaller in town formats to traditional drive thru restaurants.  Their market knowledge and boots on the ground approach has proved invaluable to us, given our desire to grow the brand."

Dan Gardner, Acquisitions and Estates Director