Martyn Pitt.

Chief Executive Officer

Taking on the challenge of being GCW’s CEO might be considered a leap into the dark for someone who has spent his career in practice as a Chartered Accountant. It’s not, however, all as it first appears. Martyn has provided financial, management and strategic advice to GCW ever since the firm set up in 1989, giving him a long history and unique insight into the way the business operates.

Martyn’s range of skills extends well beyond the traditional bean counting role often associated with the accountancy profession. His wealth of experience in advising a wide variety of clients to grow their businesses makes him ideally placed to help GCW achieve its exciting strategic ambitions.

Out of the office, Martyn spends many hours fighting a losing battle with his large garden in the leafy countryside of Gloucestershire. As you would expect from a staid Chartered Accountant, he also plays bass guitar in a rock band.