Simon Morris.

Managing Partner

Simon is passionate about creating people first solutions for our clients town centre assets. Solving peoples problems and satisfying their needs as part of a property solution creates sustainable engaging places. In addition to advising Owners and Stakeholders on leasing, repositioning and asset management strategies, Simon has a history of providing an out of house Property Director function to independent and growing retailers.

His experience of the town centre occupational market has led to significant roles in advising and reviewing occupier portfolios as part of a business review (purchase/ sale/ restructure), devising and implementing rationalisation or expansion strategies including for private equity & banks. This has included roles in some of the largest UK retail occupier restructures.

Simon loves the outdoors, whether yomping across the mountains, skiing or cycling. An aspiring athlete, he believes it is only his unfortunate love of cooking (and eating) that are standing in the way of a place on the Tour de France.