Corporate Social Responsibilities.


GCW are committed to:

  • Setting an annual target of £50,000, achieved by: GCW sponsored events and challenges for our team and clients such as ‘Three Peaks’ and ‘Coast to Coast'
  • Supporting individual initiatives
  • Direct donations to team nominated causes
Giving Time
  • Contribute a minimum of 300 hours to community improvement initiatives
  • Organisation of industry recognised charity event, ELIFAR raising between £50,000-£60,000 pa, the charity’s single largest fundraising event
  • Encourage our team to take part in community enhancing activities outside of the workplace and providing support and time for them to do so



GCW strives for a culture that is open, respectful and inclusive, encouraging diversity, personal growth and fulfilment for individuals to work together to make a difference as a team.


GCW supports the Reading Real Estate Foundation which is a unique and forward-thinking educational charity, established to support real estate and planning education at the University of Reading.

We engage and support students to help them achieve their full potential and become the best in the industry. We continue to engage and connect with students as alumni through taking part in fundraising and networking events that help to support the aims of the charity.


We contribute to The Pathways to Property initiative, which, supported by the Sutton Trust is a programme for students aged 16+ in state schools and colleges focusing on those with no prior family university experience. The programme seeks to encourage diversity in the property industry.

Our support includes:

  • Financial assistance
  • Promoting the scheme in schools and colleges
  • Work experience placements
  • E-mentoring

Economic Responsibility.

GCW are committed to:

  • Acting ethically
  • Managing conflics of interest openly and transparently
  • Operating with integrity
  • Approaching all work with diligence
  • Providing clients with solution that to add value to their business
  • Exceeding minimum legal requirement for mitigating money laundering activity


GCW work hard to ensure that any negative impact our business has on the environment is minimised by:

Smart Sourcing
  • Aiming to maximise sustainability in the procurement of all services and supplies
Reducing Waste
  • Striving to replace consumption of all non-recyclable materials with sustainable / biodegradable materials across the business by 2021
Smaller Footprint
  • Encouraging and promoting the use of sustainable transport modes both for commuting and business travel