Our Approach to Sustainability.

At GCW we want to lead the debate, influence our stakeholders, and champion sustainability principles to secure a better future for all.

By starting our sustainability journey, we believe it will offer huge opportunities for our business, our clients, our people and the towns, cities, and communities we work in.

We want the chance to help shape our future by working with our clients and stakeholders to put sustainability, in its widest sense, at centre stage.

View Our GCW 2023 Sustainability Action Plan here

Embedding sustainability.

We see a real opportunity to marry economic and environmental revitalisation. The role of town centres is changing, and the property industry will be instrumental in ensuring they remain fit for purpose.

Our vision focuses on creating adaptive, community-centric hubs with clean, green spaces. Through our collaboration with stakeholders, we aim to drive positive change in urban environments.

Our ethos and culture.

We are seeking to strike a balance between People, Profit, and Planet. GCW are agitators of ideas, valuing individuality, opinion and innovative ideas that challenge the status quo. This is demonstrated within our workplace as well as with our clients.

As thought leaders, we aim to help our clients see the value of sustainability being at the heart of urban design, whilst creating resilient mixed-use spaces that will stand the test of time. By ensuring that our culture and ethos are aligned with those of our partners, we can be truly transformative.

Supporting sustainable communities.

We are passionate about helping to build strong communities, be it within our own business or as part of our role in delivering urban regeneration.

Buildings are only meaningful when they serve the needs of their users. Our on-the-ground expertise ensures understanding of local demands, enabling our clients to create assets with identity, purpose, and longevity.

Prioritising what’s important to GCW and our stakeholders

We will use our platform to inspire and drive measurable change, partnering with key stakeholders—Our Clients, Our Community, Our Suppliers, and Our Staff.

Together we can help shape these places for the benefit of all.

Economic Responsibility.

GCW are committed to:

  • Diversity & Inclusivity
  • Managing conflicts of interest openly and transparently
  • Operating with integrity
  • Approaching all work with diligence
  • Providing clients with solutions that add value to their assets
  • Exceeding minimum legal requirement for mitigating money laundering activity